Your first dance should be as unique as your bond


From a slow, intimate low-key flow around the floor…. to a romantic, sweeping number complete with dips…..or a fun, flirty and bouncy swing or even a medley and big surprises, we’ve got you covered!

My Wedding Programs fit a wide array of schedules, timelines, goals and budgets and your lessons will always be perfectly tailored to you!  Your learning style, goals and preferences all come together so we can create the perfect custom-made lessons and you see maximum progress AND have the best time!  During your intro lesson, we will chat about all of these details plus wedding details and first dance wants so that we can find the perfect Wedding package for you!

Let’s start by figuring out your vision of your perfect first dance and then make it as unique as you two! No matter whether you just want to feel comfortable and capable with basic moves and timing in a social dance approach or confident and show-stopping with complete choreography, I’ll help you both learn how to feel connected on the floor the whole time and above all, we’ll make sure you’re having a great time and enjoying the quality time together.

This will be the most fun part of “wedding planning”- that much I can promise you!  Don’t let the idea of learning to dance intimidate or overwhelm you.  “You have two left feet” or “you hate dancing”….?  I hear it all the time and even the most hesitant brides and grooms end up enjoying themselves.  I can’t tell you how often we hear, “wow, that was way more fun than I thought it would be!”  So don’t worry if you or your fiance are worried about dancing, you’re in good hands!

You can start crafting your perfect first dance today with your Intro Lesson and Wedding Consultation. I’m here to help you from song selection all the way through to the nitty gritty details of capturing your perfect photos and moving with the dress. Stop by the “Tips for Couples” page for some insight on planning this most important part of your wedding.  The more time you spend dancing, the better it will feel and the smoother it will go on your big day so don’t wait!

Book your Intro Lesson and Wedding Consultation Today for only $40 (regularly $120)!

Also want to learn for your Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance?

Great!  We love parents too!  Stop by the Tips page to learn more about planning your dance lessons with your mom or dad!