Private Lessons

Dancing by nature is SO personal…
we think the way you learn it should be exactly that.

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Like a finely tailored suit, your lessons are crafted just for you! Your goals, your needs, your learning style- they all come together so you have blast on the floor, develop confidence and comfort dancing, and progress as quickly as possible!

Private lessons are the best way to learn to dance and by far, our most popular service! Whether you’re looking to learn for fun, as a new hobby, to break a sweat, or to spend quality time and connect more with your loved one OR if you’re preparing for a special event like your wedding, private lessons are the way to go.

The Beauty Of Private Lessons

  • We craft the lessons to fit your personality, learning style and preferences, and your goals so you get everything you need and want from your sessions, and not just a syllabus, and you’ll progress as quickly as possible
  • One of the best things about our private lessons is that we’re a boutique studio. That means you have the WHOLE FLOOR to yourself! There’s no other instructors and students sharing the floor with you, no other distractions or music playing, no voices to try and listen over. My studio is a dedicated learning space to the unique benefits of completely personalized learning. It’s quiet, warm, intimate and friendly. This is so important because when your stress is low and you’re not processing anything else or feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, your learning abilities sky-rocket!
  • Laser-focused instruction pinpoints what you need to make things feel better, to solve any issues that are creating discomfort in the connection and movement, and break down new steps and elements for you in a way that clicks for your real-world experience
  • We’re not scary (yay! huge plus!). We bring our love of educating and dance to you with down-to-earth personalities and a great sense of humor. It’s dancing, not a visit to the doctor. This is supposed to be fun people…and we promise it will be.
  • We show you how to apply new steps and skills to music and social dancing experiences. With a professional music background, I think it’s important for you to understand timing, rhythm and musicality specifically once you start to understand movement. Music is often more challenging for new dancers than the actual dancing. We work to make this all work as one so that you can feel like you’re ready to actually go out dancing.
  • We create special elements for your choreography and make sure we cover every detail of your wedding dance so we create something perfectly unique to you.
  • You’ve got a timeline- we’ll make sure you’re sticking to it and build our curriculum around it.
  • We know how to teach and make dance FEEL good. We’re like wizards. And it’s our job to help eliminate the awkwardness of frame and movement. No “two left feet excuses”, let us worry about that. Our main goal is your comfort and confidence which you’ll get through connection!
  • We work with all levels but we specialize (and love) working with beginners. Our greatest passion is being your first experience with partner dancing!
  • Cori offers pro-level coaching available to you in a private setting. Her specialists are highly skilled instructors in their various disciplines. We all love dancing, and even better, we love teaching and you! Know what’s even better than professional dancers teaching you? Professional educators.
  • Scheduling is SUPER flexible and we work with you to accommodate even the craziest of schedules.