Meet The Staff

Cori Presutti, Owner & Partner Dance Wizard

Instructor Specialties:

Master of The Art of Connection,  Master Instructor & Social Dance Coach, Specializes in helping people make sure their style looks socially appropriate (sometimes, your cousin’s wedding is not the place to pretend to be on Dancing With The Stars), Specializes in teaching people the relationship between music and dance, Argentine Tango & Salsa, Hip-Hop-Ballroom Fusion Choreography

How I Got Started:

I was lucky to have a life full of music and dance from the time I was very young but partner dance became my passion when I was studying Languages & Linguistics in college and found myself living in Buenos Aires, writing my thesis on the Argentine Tango.  Originally the research had more to do with the cultural evolution and political/historical interactions of Tango and it’s lyrics, music and movement.  But my study of the artform, the experience of follow and lead as an incredibly subtle movement and energy that can cause great response and reaction in a partner, quickly took over my fascination. 

When I returned to the States with such a random, niche skill set, I missed practicing and learning Tango very much.  It wasn’t long before I wound up at a local ballroom dance franchise in New York where they swore they taught Argentine Tango.  Well, they did not but I had already bought some lessons.  Thus began my foray into Ballroom Dance.  Within a few months I began teaching as an Argentine Specialist for this same company in Connecticut where I was from and became a Professional Ballroom Dancer.  I studied 15 different styles and as a life-long musician and performer, found that my passion was not in technical competition but in more creative avenues such as Show dancing and choreography.  Before moving on, I was able to open for the Dancing With The Stars Tour with a student who spent his young life obsessing over that show- he literally had the time of his life (everyone needs a Swayze reference).

As an independent instructor, I worked with schools in Hartford to develop Ballroom-Hip Hop Fusion programs with enrichment programming to keep troubled youth out of gangs and dancing after school instead.  It brought me back to my original love of dance because of all the hidden benefits it offers and it’s communication skills.

Over the last 13 years of teaching and dancing, I’ve learned a lot.  About people, about dance, about connection, about business.  I opened my first location in 2016 and the people we’ve been able to help since then have been pretty fantastic.  I learned a lot about running studios and a lot about what I believe is important in business (and catalogued many things I think are the antithesis of good business and good being-human), and it all came together in the beautiful storm that is Cori-ography.  My staff are firstly wonderful, warm people, invested and creative teachers, passionate dancers and artists.  My studio is a place where everyone is welcome and where I hope people will be surprised by how much they can gain from dance.  I’m really proud to have my name on the door of a place that positively impacts the wonderful people who enter.

My favorite styles to dance:

Salsa, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Hip Hop-Ballroom Fusion

My favorite thing about what I do:

I love seeing the look on new dancers faces when they feel connection for the first time and get it.   I also really love learning about all of my clients’ stories- man, you guys are interesting!