LGBT Wedding Specialist

Much like Love, Weddings are for everyone! Love wins at Cori-ography.

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We are LGBT Wedding Specialists and believe in teaching gender neutral “follow and lead” parts, not just “bride and groom” roles.  I work with my LGBT Clients to make sure we represent your unique wants for your first dance.  For some of you that means you both want a time to shine equally in your moves or that you want to be sharing the responsibility of the follow and lead parts equally.  For all of my LGBT clients, the idea of partner dancing can sometimes carry a gender specific stigma and our promise as LGBT Wedding Specialists is to make sure you love every second of learning to dance together in a way that feels good and never uncomfortable.  Cori-ography is a positive safe space to all who wish to bring dancing into their lives!

As a Hillcrest business, we look to serve the needs of the community around us and create positive experiences and be a meaningful member of the Hillcrest Business District. We donate to Pride events, always support our brothers and sisters causes when asked, and teach LGBT community specific workshops for events like SheFest and Pride week.

Love wins in my studio so let’s make your first dance perfect for you on your most wonderful day! Check out my Tips for couples and the Wedding Program info and book your Intro Lesson so we can get started on your perfect first dance!

Please feel free to let us know you are an LGBT Couple or your preferred pronouns” on your Intro Form.