Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and lots of helpful info!

1) How do we get started?

So! You’re ready to get dancin’! We start everyone with a 1 Hour Private Intro Lesson for $50. During this Intro Lesson, we’ll review your dance goals and chat about any event details for your big day, get you moving and set a basis for understanding the tools of following and leading so that your dancing will FEEL great from the start. This way you get a feel for my teaching AND I get to take a peek at your learning curves so I can make the best package recommendations.

Best based on your goals, learning curve, schedule and budget, together we’ll figure out the perfect package or membership for you and you can rock and roll from there! You can click HERE to get your intro booked! If you’re interested in just our group classes, you can jump right in! Simply select your class in the Group Class page and purchase your pass and enroll. You must always sign up online ahead of time! If you’re on a very tight timeline of 4 weeks or less until your event, you would be jumping right into your Emergency Wedding Lessons.

Head to the page to read more and get signed up STAT! If you’re looking for a One Time Date Night Lesson or just a single lesson for a birthday surprise and don’t want to discuss any programs during your lesson, we offer special Date Night Lessons for $120 which covers intro material and focuses on your complete dance experience without any talk of how to move forward. If you’re buying a package as a gift for someone’s birthday, when you contact us we’ll still book a regular first lesson to start in your package but we won’t be reviewing a game plan because you’ve already purchased one!

2) What's the deal with scheduling?

 What are the studio hours?

Our scheduling is pretty flexible. You can find openings regularly from 3pm to 10pm most Weekdays. Most Sundays we offer appointments as well from 11am and on. These are by request and if you do not see anything available online, you may contact the studio with your request. Holiday closures are noted on the online schedule. All Private Appts are by appointment only and group classes and workshops run as noted on the schedule.

How do we schedule?

As an active client, you can simply click CLIENT LOG IN at the top of the page and access the booking system! All your available lessons and classes will be on your account. If you have issues or don’t see anything available that works for you, simply text or email the studio and the front desk staff will help you out! You can also schedule with the front desk or instructor during your lesson. First time clients for Intro Lessons, Emergency Sessions or Date Nights should click any of these links to your sign up forms and then book online or contact us for help! Students for Group Classes can enroll online by clicking the Group Class button at the top of this page! Scheduling is flexible. We offer either standing appointments or an as-you-go-booking depending on what works best for you. I understand my clients come from all different lifestyles and I work to be as accommodating as possible. You’ll have control over your schedule. As a client you’ll get a client portal to our studio where can schedule yourself- there, you’ll be able to see all available appointments for any instructor. Feel free to try any instructor as all of our instructors are specialists so if you want to learn multiple styles you’re welcome to book with any of us. If you ever have questions or need help making a change, we’re happy to help and you can always call, text or email the front desk. All private lessons are by appointment only. You may reschedule in the online system. If rescheduling in less than 24 hours, text or email for assistance and please note our Cancellation Policy.

What if we need to cancel an appointment?

You can cancel your appointments directly through the Client Portal in your account if more than 24 hours in advance. If it’s a crisis and you’re stuck in the car or it’s less than 24 hours, you can also text or call the studio and we can do it from our end. Just be sure to note our Cancellation Policy. We try to be understanding of issues but we ask for 24 hours notice during the week or by Friday afternoon for weekend appointments. Late cancellations incur a $30 fee. No-Shows forfeit the lesson.

When should we start?

The easy answer is “Today” or “Yesterday”! A lot of factors dictate your best start date- your comfort level with dancing, your partner’s comfort level (remember, there’s two of you), your goals, your memory and fitness level in comparison to those goals, your learning styles, and your stress level. If you are preparing for an event or wedding with a definitive timeline, please see the weddings page for helpful tips on when to start. Quick answer- sooner is definitely better! I recommend 3 months ahead as a sweet spot but it really depends on your goals! If you’re starting as a hobbyist, life is short- let’s do this. The longer you are dancing the better all the elements and skills will feel and the more natural they will become. And most importantly, the more confident and less nervous you will feel! Our Cancellation Policy. Cancellation Policy: For Private Lessons: In an effort to respect our time, your time, and other clients’ time, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance for weekday appointments so we have adequate time to fill an empty spot. Weekend appointments must be cancelled by the Friday afternoon preceding the appointment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance incur a $30 cancellation charge. No shows will result in a forfeited lesson if you’re on a package or the full amount of the lesson charged if it was your first booking (Intro Lessons or Emergency Wedding Lessons). You may change your appointment or cancel online if it is more than 24 hours notice or by contacting us directly if it’s less than! For Group Classes: Since space is limited, please remove yourself from a group class as soon as you know you cannot attend. We ask that you enroll in any class in advance. We encourage 24 hour cancellation in advance for groups. No Shows forfeit the class. Yup. We offer private groups! Private group classes are a great way to learn to dance with your entire wedding party, a group of friends or to start a fun family activity. It also offers a cost effective way to enjoy this social activity with loved ones while still getting the benefits of private lessons. We simply add $15 per person beyond the first 4 participants to the regular lesson amount. Scheduling is done just like you would do with a private lesson and this way you can all find a time that works for you as a group. Payment is still made as a lump sum package payment. Multiple people may also purchase a larger package together and split it up between them. 

3) How do we get the most out of our private lessons?

Repetition is key.
Did you know it takes your body at least three times before your muscle memory kicks in and recognizes a movement or pattern?  The body and mind are tricky things.  And as we get older, we need more repetition to capture new movements.

Be patient with yourselves.
You’re not going on Dancing With The Stars tomorrow.  Learning dance is about just that- learning.  So enjoy the journey.  We’ll get you where you’re going.

I recommend being able to schedule your lessons at least once a week but we’ll work with you to maintain your learning curve if your schedule is crazy.
Like anything else, the more you do it, the quicker it’ll sink in and the better it will feel.  If you have a shorter timeline or an aggressive goal, shoot for multiple times per week.  It will get you results.  Sometimes schedules can’t be helped and I recommend biweekly if you are starting with a substantial amount of time and feel confident you will practice independently in between lessons OR if that’s the best case scenario for your schedule.

4) We want to learn with a group of friends/family- can we do that?

Yup.  We offer private groups!
Private group classes are a great way to learn to dance with your entire wedding party, a group of friends or to start a fun family activity.  It also offers a cost effective way to enjoy this social activity with loved ones while still getting the benefits of private lessons. We simply add $15 per person beyond the first 2 to the regular lesson amount ($10 per person more than 2 for intros).   Scheduling is done just like you would do with a private lesson and this way you can all find a time that works for you as a group.  Payment is still made as a lump sum package payment.

5) Can instructors travel to outside locations for lessons?

We offer special off-site lessons!
We prefer our clients come to the studio as there is a dance floor and a carefully cultivated learning environment but when needed, our instructors can teach outside of the studio! There is an additional travel fee of $25 per lesson and it is the instructor’s discretion as to the distance they are willing to travel.  Simply contact us to inquire.

6) I don't have a partner- can I still learn to dance?

Learning partner dancing has more to do with learning about yourself as a dancer and developing your own skills as a follower or leader than it does with learning how one partner works with you.  It actually makes you a better partner if you develop skills to dance with many people rather than just one.  So come with someone you’d like to learn with or without- either way you’ll learn!

7) Do you have group classes?

Yes!  These classes are a great way to supplement your private lessons to build variety and accelerate your learning curve.  Private lessons are best for developing your connection skills and that is my main focus with you!  I hope that each of my students can find a package that works for their budget to get at least a little one on one attention each month.  Group classes are a great affordable way to sample new dance styles while focusing on that connection in your lessons.  Class passes will be available for these for $12 per class per person.  Drop ins are $15 per class per person.  Group classes must be purchased as individuals, not as couples like your private lessons are.  The class sizes stay small so you don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Check the Group Dance page for full class descriptions and monthly schedule!

8) Cost and Payment Info

What’s the difference between Packages or Memberships?

Packages are blocks of private lessons that you can use however you like- maybe one month you come 6 times, another month you’re traveling and can only come twice- they’re the best option if you’re on a set timeline for an event or want to try a month or two of dance!  Our smallest regular package starts at 5 lessons.  You can do just private lessons or a combination of private lessons and group classes for a discounted rate!  If you want to dive into an intensive and come several times a week or you have specific time related goals or a crazy travel schedule, packages are the way to go!

Memberships are the perfect way to manage your new dance hobby and learning experience!  You can select from a wide variety of options from as little as 1 private and 1 group per month all the way up to 3 private lessons per month!  You choose from 3, 6 or 12 month commitments depending on your goals. These are a great way to keep yourselves accountable to your learning curve and goals so that a month doesn’t fly by before you realize you haven’t come into the studio!  They’re also incredibly budget friendly with options starting at just $91 a month.   

What do lessons cost?

The cost of your lessons really depend on what package or membership you’re on.  Privates start at $70 and up with single a la carte sessions or Emergency Wedding Sessions being a premium price.  Groups range between $12 and $20 per person.

I offer payment plans.

When purchasing a package of 4 or more, I am happy to offer payment plans.

How do we pay?

I accept cash, checks, and most cards.  Payments can be made online via MindBody for credit cards or Venmo for debit and most client’s receive an invoice to complete their payment at the time of purchase so you can go directly to the site.  Payments can also be made at the studio.  There is a rewards program for payments made by cash, check or Venmo- a thank you for saving me those card processing fees!

9) What do we need to bring?

I suggest bringing the following to your lessons:

  • Wear shoes that support your ankles – no flip flops, slides or wedges.  Dance shoes, athletic shoes, heels with strapped or supported ankle, men’s dress shoes, loafers, or bare feet are all fine.  Bring your wedding shoes if you’d like to get comfortable in them in advance (which I definitely encourage).
  • Water
  • Particular wedding song or one you’ve always wanted to dance to
  • Comfortable clothing or if it’s a date night, feel free to dress up!  Just make sure you feel secure moving in what you’re wearing (wardrobe malfunctions are never fun).
10) Where do we go & Where do we park?

Cori-ography Studio is located on the border of Hillcrest and North Park at 1795 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103.  You’ll find the studio in the first floor of the Egyptian Building facing University.  Street parking is available on Park Blvd, University Ave, Centre Street, or up on the side streets on the overpass on Georgia Street.  There is also an inexpensive paid lot on Park Blvd about one block down towards the park.  Please be advised that Sunday lessons can be additionally difficult with afternoon parking as the Farmer’s Market is two blocks down.  I recommend arriving a few minutes early on Sundays to find parking and I also recommend enjoying the Farmer’s Market after your lesson!