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Ladies’ Day, Dancing with Baby, Family Dance Days…OH MY!

We love FUN. You know what’s extra fun? Our special events and monthly workshops! Join the list below to always get the latest dates and workshop announcements! Here are a few of our favorites to look out for!!

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Ladies’ Day Cori-o Theme

Ladies, ladies, ladies- I love the ladies.  Let’s just come out and say it- I’m a raging feminist.  BUT mostly I love what happens when communities of ladies come together AND I love what happens when we get outlets where we can be ridiculous and loud and big and showy.  Enter Ladies’ Day!  We host bi-monthly Ladies’ Days, each with a different theme.  It’s ladies only and open level.  We may be doing choreography to a cult classic dance film, broadway show, iconic jam- you never know.  From Dirty Dancing to Grease to Galentine’s Day 90s Pop Dance-A-Thon to GLOW themed jazzercise, you can always count on lots of laughs, plenty of sweat, some hard work, the occasional leotard or costume and some treats.  Keep an eye out, bring your gal pals, and see you there! You need ZERO dance background.

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Three’s Company- A Dance Class for Parents & Baby in Carrier

I know so many new parents and hats off to all of you! You’ve just accomplished the most amazing feat- you created life! But sometimes that creation starts taking over your lives. Enter- Three’s Company!

Three’s Company is a class designed for new parents with baby in body carrier. We will focus on parents enjoying focus on each other while doing movements that are engaging and entertaining for baby and you! Plus baby will love the energy of parents working together to create that communication in movement. A great class to get a mental break, move around, spend time together, meet other families, and get out of the house! And More! Follow us and sign up to get the latest on our Community events and free workshops, date night opportunities, and dance outings!

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(Please note, my studio is not kiddo-friendly for our younger family members who may be out of the carrier and crawling or toddling around. Older children who do not require supervision are welcome to come hang on the couch if they don’t want to dance with the fam…something about teenagers being too cool…?)

Daddy-Daughter Dance Class

Cute factor overload. I really believe in the amazing emotional and cultural benefits of parents bonding with child.  And I was particularly moved by the issue of father-daughter bonding.  Sometimes it’s hard for dads to figure out what to bond with their little girls over as certain ages start to kick in.  I work with adult father-daughters all the time and dads are always saying they wanted to learn to dance for their daughter’s weddings because they miss spending time and bonding…and I thought what a great sentiment from Dads.  I want to bring that opportunity to Dads while their daughters are still young!  Daddy-Daughter Dance Class is for Dads and Daughters (ages able-to-walk through 17 years old).  You’ll learn the basics of how to create movement together, enjoy dancing to a variety of music, and bond over the unique challenge of using connection which provides a team-work experience that’s rare and unique.  We can’t wait to see you dad-daughter teams at the studio!

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