Emergency Wedding Dance Lessons!

Whoops- we waited a little too long!  Wedding right around the corner?? No worries, we’ve got you!  If the wedding is coming up and you can only make it in between 1 and 4 times to squeeze in your dance, the Emergency Wedding Dance Sessions are for you!

It happens- sometimes couples forget about that little thing called a First Dance.  Or maybe you and your dad or mom are realizing you don’t know what to do when you get out there besides be awkward.  If you need quick help, the Emergency Dance Sessions are designed to get you some basic comfort and confidence moving around the floor on your first dance.  We’ll get you 1-2 basic steps, show you how to work with your song, and help get you on and off the dance floor elegantly and not awkwardly!

Select anywhere between 1-4 sessions and book away! The ONE TIME Intensive is $200 and anywhere from 2-4 Emergency Sessions are $150 per session. Each last an hour. If you’re not sure how many you need, start with 2 and we can figure it out from there with you. If you absolutely only have time for one or are coming from far away, book the single. For more than 4 appointments, contact us about our regular wedding programs and let us know if you’re on a tight timeline. If you’re 5 or more weeks away from the wedding, unless you have super restricted schedules, we can probably get you set up in our regular wedding programs.

If you’re coming in for the Emergency Session, be sure you have a song picked out and bring your wedding shoes with you!

***Don’t see a time or date you need? TEXT US at 858.859.2674 or email and coriographydance@gmail.com and we’ll help find you something asap!