Couple's Connect Programs

What would quality, focused time with your significant other mean for you?


  It’s really hard in this noisy world we live in with these busy lives we lead to get back to basics.  We sometimes forget that one of the most basic necessities for all of us as humans is the need for deep connections.  And that’s exactly what we share with our significant others.  But when work never seems to stop and something is always popping up on your phone screen, or the kids or friends are always around and the TV or computer is always on….it just becomes so easy to put yourselves and your relationship last.


If you’re ready to get your YOU time back and get back to the basics of connection, love, intimacy and quality time, the Couple’s Connect Programs are for you!

In this Couple’s Connect Program you will learn how to partner with each other in a much deeper sense of the word through partner dance.  You’ll learn things about communication and teamwork you may have forgotten.  You’ll rediscover things about yourself, your partner and your relationship.  You’ll discover the intensely personal sensation of using nonverbal communication and truly moving together.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (full disclosure many people cry from joy the first time you feel connected “dancing”-  happens all the time, always unexpectedly!), you’ll definitely sweat and you’ll spend the best night of your week learning something new together and overcoming a new challenge…in addition to being able to go out dancing on date nights and not be wallflowers at weddings!

My Couple’s Connect Programs are for couples who want to prioritize themselves, each other and their relationship. It’s a commitment to each other to reconnect and reignite your focus on each other.  Over the course of 12 weeks, couples dedicate at least once a week to make learning to dance THEIR time.  Just you two, spending high-quality focused time on each other. It will quickly become the highlight of your week!

You and your loved one set your own goals for the program- from paying more attention to each other to supporting each other, building trust and confidence, to using this to start getting back in shape, taking a break from the mundane or work, and to add romance, fun and the excitement of learning something new back into your lives.

If you’re ready to build deeper, stronger, meaningful connection, get back to relationship basics, and just breathe some love, fun, adventure and romance back into your week,
Then get started today with your 1 Hour Private Intro Lesson!