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What if everyone in your organization thought of themselves as “partners” rather than just a cog in a teamwork machine?  What would happen if they had a deeper understanding of their dynamic with the individuals around them- coworkers and even clients?  Would they feel more responsible for their contributions to the daily success of of the team? More pride in a high-functioning team dynamic?  Or more adaptable in the customer service and sales world? Would increasing their self awareness make them more apt to understand their daily interactions and communications with each other and better at problem-solving?  Or more self-reliant in their abilities to manage their inter-team relationships?  

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Human dynamics are hard.  Differing personalities and communication styles get lumped together in our work environments and are often bypassed by the importance of complementary and necessary skill sets being brought together.

Welcome to being a person who works with any other human!  

However, some pretty fantastic things happen when people are able to go back to basics.  We develop our communication skills, preferences, and personalities way before we find our identity as “workers”.  Through the exploration of partner dance, my team building workshops are designed to increase self awareness which allows employees to ground in themselves- a reminder that we need to understand ourselves before we can understand others.  This is followed by the opportunity to play with amplifying their abilities to create successful interactions and dynamics with all the other people around them.  By the end of the workshop, your team will have learned magnitudes about themselves, their team mates, and the art of adaptability, listening and successful interaction.

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Through a series of guided, interactive exercises, I bring your team- small or large- on a journey of self discovery and camaraderie.  Group participation learning experiences are followed by discussions around the themes of compassion, leadership, communication and the cross-roads of individuality and successful team dynamics.

My team building workshops are great for employees of all backgrounds and personality types.  The beauty of the exercises is that they rely on nonverbal communication which allows participants to quickly and personally realize conclusions that would take much longer to achieve using only words.  Introverts and extroverts alike find common ground in these partnerships and allow people who would traditionally shy away from a loud, high energy, interactive experience to feel just as heard as their more-likely-to-speak-first teammates.

I work with companies to understand their goals for their staff and shape the discussion around those goals.  The goal of these team building activities is to increase productive, successful and efficient interactions throughout the day- with teammates and clients.  Most organizations experience the added bonus of their staff understanding the power of listening, and tailoring their response to the person they are interacting with- a really stellar trait in the customer service and sales world in addition to within their own team

The Level One Workshop runs for about an hour to an hour and a half and encompasses the specific set of exercises designed to achieve all of the goals and theme-based discussions laid out above.  Exercises are gender neutral, are hand-to-hand and are fully respectful of personal space (don’t use dance frames).

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The Level Two Workshop runs for 2-3 hours and includes the addition of creativity and dance based games and problem solving.  The Level Two Workshop includes more movement, music and dance.  I employ a variety of fun, playful games based on an organization’s goals and preferences. It gets the heart rate up a bit, loosens up creativity and engages groups in puzzles and problem solving.

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These workshops are great for:

  • Introverts and extroverts
  • Groups of all sizes
  • People who don’t know anything about dance
  • People who do know something about dance
  • Getting people out of their chairs, moving around, and having fun
  • Organizations who value communication, creativity, respect and trust
  • Organizations who value listening as a leadership skill
  • Organizations who believe empathy, compassion and the appreciation of the individual parts that make up the whole of the team are important facets of company culture
  • Allowing coworkers of all levels of leadership to explore the theme of one-size-never-fits-all communication and how to collaborate around that
  • People excited about unique experiences
  • Instilling trust, respect, and collaborative thinking in a relaxed setting

If you’re interested in offering a most unique team-building experience that is fun, intriguing, applicable to all groups and gets your employees talking, communicating and creating together, contact me today. Mentally, physically and creatively engaging, it will be a team-building experience your team will never forget!

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