Quinceañeras and Bridal Parties

Surprise Dances, Grand Entrances, and having fun with your closest friends?
We’ve got you covered with choreography for your special event!


From traditional waltzes to show stopping medleys, memorable, entertaining or just goofy performances, our 15+ years as professional choreographers, dancers and performers means we will create the perfect piece for your event, bridal party or Quinceañera Court.

With such a huge variety, we can create pieces with partners or for individuals as a group to nearly any song. We work with our clients to do a detailed review of your vision for your event so that we can help make that vision a reality. From song choices to styles to performance tips on engaging your guests, we will guide you through as we create and you learn your dance!

So if you want choreography that is fresh, hip, classy, fun and never cheesy, get in touch with us today! San Diego’s Best Quinceañera and Party Choreographers await!

Se habla espanol.