The Cori-ography Difference

Here’s what makes learning at Cori-ography so special…

  • I’ve developed my teaching methods into an easy to learn and understand experience that IMMEDIATELY trains my clients how to connect to the person in front of them.  This is so crucial and so often overlooked.  Partner dancing is a conversation between two people- we have to speak the same language and pay attention to each other for the most successful communication!  It’s only through connection that dancing actually starts to FEEL good!
  • We teach 15 different styles of partner dancing- the most variety of any studio in town.  Want to go out Latin dancing for fun but also want to look good dancing at your cousin’s wedding to whatever the DJ is digging?  Great- we’ve got you covered.
  • We teach social styling as well as showier techniques.  You learn how to look appropriate and natural-looking to a variety of social dance occasions (no need to look like you’re at Dancing With The Stars at other people’s weddings….there’s no better way to piss off a bride or guests than stealing the spotlight on someone’s big day).
  • We’re more concerned about how you feel dancing- we want you to go out on the dance floor feeling comfortable, confident and capable…never awkward or out-of-place.
  • My instructors are specialists in their styles and I believe in hiring good people who are great teachers who have a passion for the styles they specialize in.  You’re in great hands.
  • Your lessons are custom-made and designed just for you!  We work with you to identify your dance goals and analyze your learning style to help create the most tailored dance lesson each and every time.  This means maximum progress and comfort!
  • Cori-ography is a boutique studio.  That means your private lessons are completely private– there’s no sharing the floor, no distractions from multiple instructors or dancers, and no trying to dance or learn while music that is not your own is playing.  There’s no syllabus- no steps you must learn before learning other steps.  Just what you need in an experience and environment that means the most progress, the most fun, and the most comfort.
  • Our clients are: Any level.  Any dance.  Any age.  Partner or no partner.
  • Even our groups are a boutique experience.  We call our groups “Semi Private Classes” because they stay small so you never get lost in the crowd.  Instructors provide quality one-on-one attention in our open level, friendly and low key group setting.
  • Our clients aren’t just any clients, they’re a part of the Cori-ography family.  Part of our mission is to be warm, genuine and welcoming.  We love our clients.  Like really, love.

And here are a few reasons why you’ll love learning to dance with us:

  • Spend the most quality time you’ll have all week with your loved one
  • Connecting to your partner in dance means you HAVE to disconnect from your phone, your work and your day!  It’s a great way to be present.
  • Improve your posture, strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.  Get back in touch with your body!
  • Get great exercise that challenges both the mind and body
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Become more comfortable with dancing at parties, events, and weddings
  • Build confidence
  • Bring more creativity, grace, romance, or fun into your life
  • Understand music better and learn about other cultures
  • Develop wonderful communication and social skills
  • Meet new people and enjoy going out dancing!
  • Move like you’ve always wanted to on the dance floor to any song
  • DON’T just do the high school sway at your wedding…#adulting