About Learning To Dance

The benefits of learning to dance

Dancing isn’t about just dance and music…it’s so much more.

Learning to partner dance:

  • teaches us communication skills
  • surprises us with what it may teach us about ourselves
  • reconnects us to a long time partner or lets us spend more quality time together
  • disconnects us from work and technology and helps us connect more to people and ourselves
  • destresses us and reminds us who and what matters during the stress of wedding planning
  • teaches us to feel more confident and comfortable
  • introduces us to new people and lets us belong to a community
  • gives a rush of endorphins from activity
  • provides an expressive outlet through music and dance

When is the last time you learned a foreign language overnight….?

So we’re adults now- whether we all like it or not.  And learning new skills in unfamiliar territory as an adult can be really difficult.  Learning to partner dance is like learning a foreign language- it’s something that takes time and patience to really finesse it.  We can get you some conversational basics in a shorter amount of time, but if you’re really looking to look or feel a certain way on the dance floor, I like to remind all of us to be patient with yourselves and your partner.

Everyone has their own learning curve- some people will pick up quickly, some people will get one piece of the puzzle easier than others…and there’s two of you learning.  SO- let yourself learn.  It takes repetition to set muscle memory and start building upon other skills.  We work with you to let you know realistic expectations if you’re on a deadline but most of all, we work with you to get you all the skills that will get you feeling good about being on the dance floor.  We’ll keep your learning curve and your skill application balanced as we guide you through the process. And you’ll find every 3-4 lessons or so, your body has absorbed something you thought was difficult just 3 lessons prior.  It’s a process but if you get comfortable with autopiloting your footwork and timing while we learn to pay attention our partner and our lead/follow and the music, you’ll find the whole picture starts to come together faster than you may have thought.

Each person’s sense of connection and movement will be totally unique to them and so we work with each of our students to figure out the best and the quickest way to help them absorb a new concept into their body and mind so that they feel maximum comfort and progress.  Learning to dance can be a difficult new skill at first- especially since many of us have already emotionally labeled dancing as awkward, uncomfortable, impossible, or totally foreign.  When I hear someone say “I have two left feet” it breaks my heart a little.  That’s a phrase we learned to use as a reason to not even try and to limit ourselves to what we can do.  EVERYONE can dance.  You’re not opening for the New York City Ballet or competing on Dancing With The Stars tomorrow and there’s no panel of judges on the edge of every occasion to dance.  Our teaching style addresses our client’s comfort zones, assesses their unique learning and communication style, and structures curriculum around whatever realistic goals they might have to transition them into a place where they’re open to learning and become more comfortable with dance.  I teach so that every move should feel good.  And it’s the feeling your body will walk away with and build on as you continue to get better at movement!