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Feel comfortable, confident, and connected in your boogie shoes!

Book Your 1 Hour Private Intro Lesson for just $50 to get started!

At Cori-ography, you learn to be a Partner, and not just a Dancer.

It’s this difference that will help you discover how dancing can be the most fun; the most romance; the most communication and connectivity you’ve ever had…and make you feel great in your boogie shoes.


Hi!  My name is Cori and welcome to Cori-ography Dance!  My passion is teaching people how to really use and understand connection to dance and communicate.  Figuring out how to create connection and feeling how it affects you and relates you to all others you dance with is an incredibly unique and powerful experience.  Through connection, people become not only better dancers, but the best partners- and this can truly extend from play to work to life. This in combination with the more-than-a-decade-worth of experience teaching, dancing, and studying connection and partnering, and you’ve got yourself the best partner dance instruction in San Diego! We love our clients and love taking care of everyone who comes through our doors from the intro lesson all the way through your dance journey. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the floor!

“Preparing for the wedding, my (now) wife mentioned she wanted to do a choreographed first dance…something traditional then break into a more fun song. I thought she was crazy…I have two left feet…how could I possibly make this look good…

Well, my wife found Cori. I can’t say enough good things about her. She helped us through each step of the way all while making it fun. If you are looking for a dance teacher for a wedding or just for fun, you need to call Cori”

-Chris & Michelle D.

“Cori taught us another form of communication (in the form of dance), which deepened my relationship with my husband. Through our dance lessons, I learned to be better listen/follower. I learned to trust my husband in taking the lead. We enjoyed this new connection so much that we decided to purchase another dance package, even after the wedding was over.

I look forward to learning other styles of partner dance from Cori. This is a great way to keep our marriage exciting! I highly recommend adding this
experience to your life through Cori-ography”

-Ann Marie & Michael M.

“My husband and I went to Cori to learn a dance for our wedding and it ended up being so much more than that! Learning dance with Cori helped both of us come out of our shells and bring out a confidence in us. Cori is patient, knowledgeable, and has a creative way of teaching dance moves to even those who have had zero exposure to dance. She also has a focus on partner connection and made us feel so comfortable every lesson”

-Odelia & Jon B

Private Lessons, Group Classes, + More- Oh My!


The best way to learn. Completely personalized to your learning styles and goals for the quickest and most fluid progress.


We call these Semi-Private classes because they’re small and you won’t get lost in the shuffle. A cost effective, low-key and friendly learning environment with great variety.


The art of communication through partner dance is a one-of-a-kind, visceral experience that provides teams invaluable lessons about working with others.


I believe in community so there is always a fun roster of monthly workshops, classes, and events geared towards supporting family bonds, wonderful charities, the women’s community, and the Hillcrest Community. Join us!

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The Fantastic Benefits of Learning to Dance.

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